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S3ncrypted Proxy was created to make securely sharing Virtual Box images easy but will work with any type of file!

Quick Start

Install s3ncrypted_proxy global, this will make the command s3ncryped_proxy available in your path (otherwise just install from git):

sudo npm install -g s3ncypted_proxy

Generate yourself a strong password/key and put into a file:

umask 077 # the passphrase file will have perms 700
openssl rand -base64 12 > .gpg_passphrase

Use this to encrypt your box file:

gpg -c --passphrase-file .gpg_passphrase <file>

Future versions will allow you to upload the file with curl. For now, use the S3 management GUI to upload the gpg encrypted .gpg.

Get the size of the orginal file:

wc -c <file>

Go into the properties of the uploaded gpg file in S3. Add the following meta data:

key: x-amz-meta-gpg-content-length value : <size of unencrypted file from above>

Click save.

Create a config.json file in the S3Encrypted Proxy dir:

"aws_key": "<your key>",
"aws_secret": "<you secret>",
"gpg_passphrase_file" : ".gpg_passphrase"

Start S3ncrypted Proxy:

node s3ncrypted_proxy

Now point vagrant, or whatever to http://localhost:8000/bucket/object. If the object ends in .gpg it will automatically decrypted on the fly as it downloads!


Use Amazon IAM to create new user credentials and give them read permissions to your encrypted files. They will need these and the .gpg_passphrase file in order to use S3ncrypted Proxy

#Future Ideas

I want to make uploading easy with curl. It should be easy but I might not get to it for a while so feel free to send me a pull request.

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