Created: 2012-03-22 17:31
Updated: 2017-04-17 12:44
License: mit


iOS library for HolaIO

This API can be used in iOS >= 5.0 Download

First, download the lib and include it

#import "HolaIO.h"

+(id)initializeWithAPIKey:(NSString *)key;


-key: Your API key


-(id)HolaIO object


HolaIO *io =  [HolaIO initializeWithAPIKey:@"yourapikey"];

Request: -(void)sendRequestWithURL:(NSString *)url cssSelector:(NSString *)css inner:(BOOL)inner cache:(BOOL)cache completionBlock:^(NSDictionary *dataReturned, NSError *error)


  • url: A valid URL without the protocol scheme, because HolaIO currently works only with HTTP so it’ll add the prefix by default. Example: holalabs.com
  • css: A valid CSS3 selector. If you want to get more than a selector a time, separate them with commas. Example: a, .primary.content
  • inner: Specify if you want to extract the innerHTML content or the whole content of your selection (outerHTML). Possible values: YES for innerHTML and NO for outerHTML.
  • cache: Specify if you want that the content you get is stored in the cache so it's loaded just one time in the app lifecycle. Possible values: YES to store cache and NO to not store it.
  • completionBlock: It returns an NSDictionary with the JSON parsed that HolaIO returned. Just access the selector wanted like this: [dataReturned objectForKey:@"key"]; To handle the error: NSError object returned in case it fails. Usage:
[io sendRequestWithURL:"google.com" cssSelector:"a span" inner:YES cache:YES completionBlock:^(NSDictionary *dataReturned, NSError *error) {
	/*if there's no error it'll be nil*/
  [dataReturned objectForKey:@"a span"]; //whatever object you requested


If you're using cache and you want to cache only during app lifecycle, you have to clear cache before starting. To do it, simply call [HolaIO clearCache] in (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions, in AppDelegate .

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