Created: 2012-03-22 16:47
Updated: 2015-03-26 00:51

Flymake for the CMake build system

These are python scripts for using the CMake build system with Flymake, an on-the-fly syntax checker for GNU Emacs. I've found these scripts written by Sean Fisk. But it didn't work for me because some relative path issue. So I re-write it in python.


These scripts require a few obvious dependencies.

  • Emacs 23, which includes Flymake (this is not necessary to run the script, but to use the results)
  • Python, I tested it with python 2.7 but I think 2.2 will be fine.
  • CMake, I tested it with cmake 2.8


All you need is the script `cmflymk`. Download it at


  1. Create Makefiles for flymake in one step (Make sure you've run cmake under ~/your_project/cmake_project_build/ at first)

     cmflymk ~/your_project/cmake_project_build/
  2. M-x flymake-mode in Emacs

  3. DONE!

Other Notes

  • When you change any of your CMakeLists.txt files, re-run cmake and cmflymk.
  • To remove the Flymake Makefiles, run cmflymk -c.
  • These scripts are configured to use the GNU make variables ${CXX}, ${CXX_FLAGS}, and ${CXX_DEFINES} in the actual Makefiles. This means that the scripts will require editing to work with pure C projects (when using CC, CFLAGS, etc.) or any other language besides C++. This should be quite easy to figure out. Look at the actual Makefiles which get generated for more information.
  • I haven't tested this on Windows because I'm only working under Linux/Cygwin. Contact me (chenbin DOT sh AT GMAIL) if you need Windows support.
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