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Updated: 2016-06-10 23:51


This repository contains the majority of the files that I use to customize all aspects of the different programming related environments that I in on both osx and windows.

The repository consists of mainly the following:

  • A set of automation scripts that can be modified and added to as needed.
  • A set of dotfiles that I have run successfully on:
    • Ubuntu
    • OSX
    • Windows (Cygwin/Msys)
  • Templates for the files that will be transformed to run on the differing platforms.
  • A small set of expansion scripts run using expansions.

##Cautionary Note

  • Some of the scripts are obviously tuned to work according to a flow that works well for me. Even though some work has been done to allow these scripts to be portable and usable by others. I apologize in advance for the "assumptions" that are made about how the system is setup (particularly for windows users). A lot of the configuration scripts attempt to isolate those changes, but there may be areas that I missed. Since these scripts were initially written just for myself, there may still be a couple of areas where some of the assumptions about how the system is configured cause the scripts to fail. See these scripts as a good starting point for you to be able to support cross platform environment setup from a single set of scripts, dotfiles etc.


  • Even though it is not required, to not have to fuss too much with the settings, create the following folder structure under your home folder named:
    • repositories/developwithpassion
    • Navigate to the folder you created above and make a clone of this repository (keep the devtools name). Feel free to fork the repository before you make a clone if you would like to send me pull requests.

##Once you have the folder cloned continue with the following readme's, specific to the environment you are using:


As always, feel free to fork and make modifications to the scripts etc. If you add something you find useful, please feel free to send me a pull request.

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