Created: 2012-03-22 12:13
Updated: 2019-01-21 03:49


Train is a logical game similar to old game snake. The tricky part is that there is usualy only one way out of the labirint full of items the train has to take with it.

Idea and game originaly developed by Miroslav Nemecek aka Golem in assembler for MS-DOS. See also wiki pages for more info.


  • frontend - javascript, html, css.
  • backend - TBA


The aim is to create loosely coupled and object oriented design using plain javascript. Idealy each component is easily replacable by another. This allows us to implement for example multiple views: one that is using div+css, another that is using html5 canvas, etc.

MVC - Model View Controller

Core functionality is designed using a variation of MVC design pattern. View engine and domain model is separated. Components are connected using application type that acts as controller. Level data are loaded using level repository. View engine is getting view model to render.

Frontend part runs completely in the browser. As we are quite flexibile with html in browser, one could design bunch of specific levels, not just standard rectangle type (e.g. wide screen full HD level :-) Html ensures that game is playable on all current and future platforms like pc, mobile, television, consoles, etc. It also allows easy resize in both directions; meaning fine rendering on big screens as well as on smaller mobile devices.

Backend part is TBD, but we want to support both standalone and remote versions. Standalone means all levels are loaded in the beginning to the browser and no internet connection is required. Remote means the levels are loaded from the server. This can be specific host or a cloud. Remote would allow to play custom levels created by community.


All components except current view are written in POJO - plain old javascript. Current view engine depends on jQuery and it's DOM and CSS manipulations. As discussed before, this can be easily replacable with another view engine.


To avoid dependencies and heavy external libraries, many core components are implemented using plain old javascript:

  • binding and event handling with correct context of the event handler (clock, keyboard).
  • clock
  • classes and inheritance. We developed simple helper function that sets up the inheritance.


Browsers included in testing: FF, IE, Chrome


Plan is to provide level editor to allow community to create new levels. It should be also possible to easily create new graphics for a view engine and configure it to be used. Would be nice to have also new set of graphics in high resolution; or increase fps by having images representing more frames.


The project is relatively simple and one can benefit from studying the source codes. Almost all core components are written in plain javascript including class inheritance and event handling with scope management. Source codes are well documented. Aim is also given on KISS rule and self explaining simple names.

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