Created: 2012-03-22 10:32
Updated: 2014-07-21 15:22

Muffins project (Chalmers Bookstore)

An app for buying and selling used course literature at Chalmers. There are many buyers and sellers, but not a proper platform. Chalmers bookstore is a simple app for students to post used books for sale. Functions such as adding photos from smartphone camera, course, year, author, title, automatic info fetch from ISBN number etc. Some way of response between peers might also be implemented.

The process will be simpler than when selling the book on eBay or Blocket, since there is a specific intended market, users have some idea of who they are trading with and are able to make the transaction in person.

The books will be categorized according to program, course and year of study to ease searching for relevant literature.

Bonus features

A link to Cremona to be able to make price comparisons and allowpurchases from there when second-hand book does not exist.

Possible buyers and stakeholders

Study Committees at the various institutions at Chalmers.


Since we may be using code that is copylefted in our project and we want to use Github for version control, we assume that a GPLv3 license is appropriate for our project. We support all four requirements for free software. We also want to impose similar requirements on those who use our software and therefore we do not choose LGPL.

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