Created: 2012-03-22 10:03
Updated: 2018-07-22 17:09

OpenLP to ProPresenter 5 converter

This is a simple fast converter from OpenLP's sqlite database to ProPresenter 5 XML files.

It works quickly, and does our 2700 song database in about 5 seconds.

Work in Progress, Please enjoy.

How to use:

Currently a bit basic, written to run on OSX. It should be very easy to port to Windows/Linux/etc.


that's it.

The script will try to load the database from

~/Library/Application Support/openlp/Data/songs/songs.sqlite

( ~ means "Your home directory" )

To change that, edit the line which says "OPENLP_DATABASE" in

It will create all the XML files in /tmp/

On Mac, you can open /tmp/ with (in Finder) Menu->Go->Go To folder.

By default, the script will open the /tmp/ directory when it's finished running.


By default, the converter will set the font as Helvetica, the background color as black, and the text color as white. It will put a maximum of 4 lines per slide.

These settings are all at the top of the script, and should be very easy to change.


Python. (2.6ish) Should come built-in on OSX.


  • Make it rugged
  • Make it pretty
    • (Maybe auto italic (repeat) lines...)
  • Make a .app & .exe (with simple GUIs)
  • Make profit. (or not...)


Public Domain. It's so basic, do what you want with this. If you do appreciate it, please consider a donation to OMNIvision, which is a team in OM (, we're the ones who actually wrote this script.

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