Created: 2012-03-22 09:42
Updated: 2018-09-13 09:18

Newsman Python API Client - version 1.2

This is the Newsman App Python API client for API version 1.2.

Newsman - Smart Email Service Provider

Newsman is a Smart Email Service Provider. We send newsletters on behalf of our customers.


  • Code is Python 3 compatible.
  • API works only over SSL (secure connection)

About Newsman API - version 1.2

Our current API version is 1.2. API documentation can be found here:

Our API requires an API KEY which you can generate in your Account and your Newsman user id. The API exposes XML RPC and REST interfaces.

This Python Client will use only xmlrpclib python module on Python 2 and xmlrpc.client on Python 3.



Example Code

import newsman

# you can get your api_key and user_id from My Account -> API
client = newsman.Newsman(user_id, api_key)

# calling client.import.csv is not allowed in Python since import is a reserved keyword
# thus the hack below is required
list_id = 1234
i = getattr(client, "import.csv")
i(list_id, None, "email\")
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