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jQuery Navigate is a jQuery plugin which goal is to transform any website into a single-page website. It transforms links into turbolinks, it is transparent for the backend and is SEO complient.

The plugin itself is divided into two submodules :

  • the refresh plugin : basically the ajax engine
  • the navigate plugin : add the html5 history navigation and transform links into turbolinks.

refresh plugin

The goal of refresh plugin is to simply refresh through an automatic ajax call any element of the page.


The website Interflora mobile using a previous version of jquery-navigate recieved the 2012 Google prize for mobile website in the distribution sector mainly for the speed of the website.


Here are all the optional attribute an element that will call the refresh() method can have :

<div refresh-url="any-url" refresh-id="anything you want" refresh-insert-function="any jquery function or plain function" refresh-status="any-string" refresh-interval="any-number"></div>
  • refresh-url : the url to get the refresh content from (by default : current url)
  • refresh-id : if both remote and local refresh-id exists and are the same trigger the cancelrefresh event
  • insert-function : the function that will insert the new content and trigger finishrefreshinsert event when ready
  • refresh-status : if different from current div refresh-status will trigger the refreshstatuschanged event
  • refresh-interval : if set, there will be an automatic refresh called each refresh-interval millisecond.

refresh function

All the parameters are optional.

    refresh : true, 
    resetInterval : true, 
    url : null,
    insertFunction:'html', //or any function / inline function, remember to trigger "finishrefreshinsert" event
    html : null, /* simulate direct html response without any ajax call */
  • 1 - $("#my-id") trigger the event startrefresh
  • 2 - if the parameter refresh is true : if the parameter html != null skip this step as we have the response already otherwise make the ajax call to the parameter url or the attribute refresh-url or the current url
  • 3 - if fail the ajax call or element not accessible in specified url, $("#my-id") trigger the event failrefresh
  • 4 - if the attribute refresh-status of the element is currently defined and has changed or disapeared trigger the event refreshstatuschanged
  • 5 if the attribute refresh-interval is set and the parameter resetInterval is true and there is a current refresh intervel : stop the current interval
  • if the attribute refresh-interval is set : set it.
  • trigger the event donerefresh

stopRefresh function

  • clear the interval refresh of the element
  • trigger the event stoprefresh

Automatic ajax jquery navigation, mobile friendly

Navigate depends on refresh,thus we included it in the file. The goal of the jQuery plugin Navigate is to

  • Automatically transform regular links into ajax calls (using href, ajax-target, title and ajax-content attribute)
  • For mobile browsers, avoid showing address bar on link clicks, smoothing the user experience
  • Listen to the startrefresh, donerefresh, and stoprefresh events to make cool transitions between states
  • Manage atomatically the History throwing events logically (old state target throw stoprefresh, new state target throw startrefresh and then donerefresh).


simply include your

<script type="text/javascript" src="url/to/navigate.js" ></script>

after the include to jquery (1.7+) and add the code :

$(document).ready(function() {

and the plugin will ajax-navigate automaticaly in your website.


There are various possibility of optional customization :

in the links :

<a href="myUrl" ajax-content="any selector" ajax-target="any selector" title="my title">link</a>
  • href : url to be used by the ajax call
  • title : the future document title
  • ajax-content : (optional) only the content of specified element in href's page will be inserted otherwise all body content
  • ajax-target : (optional) the content will be inserted into the target element of the current page
  • insert-function : (optional) the function that insert the ajax gotten content

or during the initialization :

just go to the last lines of the plugin, and modify the $.navigate.init() call as described there, you can change the

  • the default function that replace the old content from the new ajax-gotten content.
//how to create a custom function : 
(function($) {
	$.fn.insertPageHtml = function(options) {
		//the option is an array : {html:the ajax html, scripts: the scripts that already are in the html, customData:any data you associated to this state during navigate} 
		//switch elements
		$('#my-content').html($("#my-content", options.html).html());

//and then in your init function you do : 
$(document).ready(function() {
be aware that if you select a subpart of the html : $("#my-content", options.html) 
that remove the inline scripts of the given html, that is why I added the second element 
in the parameters : options.scripts which are thos scripts if needed.
  • selector for the links to have an ajax behaviour :
//by default ajax links are : 'a:not(.noAjax)[rel!="external"][target!="_blank"], .ajaxLink'
//you can change it example : 
$(document).ready(function() {
  • selector for the links to have a discrete link behaviour (no url bar shown) :
//by default discreteLinks are : 'a:not(.noAjax)[rel!="external"][target!="_blank"], .ajaxLink'
//you can change it example : 
$(document).ready(function() {

Scripts and ajax navigation

  • basically, you will insert all you js in the head of the page
  • You can add anyway any inline script you want thay will be inserted
  • However, if you want to have scripts using jquery inside your page do the following :
	var foo = function() {
		//stuff you want to do
    //code you have to put for the foo function to be executed correctly
	if(document.readyState === "complete") foo();
	else $(document).ready(foo);

Add any js object to each state you can take back during your refreshInsertFunction

var originalNavigateMethod = $.fn.navigate;
$.fn.navigate = function(options) {
	if(!options) options = {};
	options.customData = Math.random(); // = your object stored for this state you have back in you insertFunction
	return false;

Add correct google analytics stats

$.navigate.currentReferrer = null;
$.navigate.currentPage = document.location.pathname;
$("html").on("donerefresh", 'body',function(e) {
	if(_gaq) {
		if($.navigate.currentReferrer==null) $.navigate.currentReferrer = document.referrer;
		else $.navigate.currentReferrer = ''+$.navigate.currentPage;
		$.navigate.currentPage = ''+document.location.pathname;
		_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', $.navigate.currentPage]);


don't hesitate : bastien [[at]] binarymind [[dot]] org or submit issue in github


Use of Modernizr and Balupton History.js (https://github.com/balupton/History.js)

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