Created: 2012-03-22 09:15
Updated: 2018-07-24 13:24
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GitHub Post-Receive Deployment Hook

Deploying applications to development, staging and production never been so easy with GitHub Post-Receive Deployment Hook script!


Clone the script:

$ git clone

Go to your GitHub repo > Admin > Service Hooks, select Post-Receive URLS and enter your hook URL like this:

GitHub Post-Receive URLs

How It Works

GitHub provides Post-Receive Hooks to allow HTTP callback with a HTTP Post. We then create a script for the callback to deploy the systems automatically.

You will need to create branches like stage and prod in Git before proceeding into the configurations.

You then can have a brief look into hook.php, a WebHook example provided for you to experience how simple the configurations are.


// Initiate the GitHub Deployment Hook
$hook = new GitHubHook;

// Enable the debug log (sent to error_log) 

// Adding `stage` branch to deploy for `staging` to path `/var/www/testhook/stage`
$hook->addBranch('stage', 'staging', '/var/www/stage');

// Adding `prod` branch to deploy for `production` to path `/var/www/testhook/prod`
$hook->addBranch('prod', 'production', '/var/www/prod', array(''));

// Deploy the commits

In this example, we enabled the debug log for messages with timestamp. You can disable this by commenting or removing the line $hook->enableDebug()

We have a staging site and a production site in this example. You can add more branches easily with $hook->addBranch() method if you have more systems to deploy.

We then use $hook->deploy() to deploy the systems.


Worry about securities? We have enabled IP check to allow only GitHub hook addresses (CIDR notation): to deploy the systems. We also return a 404 Not Found page when there is illegal access to the hook script.

For better security, try hiding this hook script in deep directories like and/or renaming the hook.php file into a40b6cf7a5.php.

For Developers

We are trying to make developers life easier. Kindly fork this on GitHub and submit your pull requests to help us.

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