Created: 2012-03-22 07:50
Updated: 2018-01-31 21:32


@stefan-k Let's write all documentation in Markdown?


  • The files in the open_jobshop directory consider the Open Shop Scheduling Problem (OSSP) and use the evolib.



  • Test OSSP results against benchmark db
    • Takes a long time, Parallel processing? --> @stefank
  • Is there a bug in hybrid genetic? Results are poor. @jjbayer
  • Take a look at LibGA by Corcoran Wainwright
    • What is elitism? Is this a good library? (This is the library the guys in the papers use)
  • [OPTIONAL] Try using different algorithms
  • Try different algorithm parameters in benchmark_test.jl
  • [OPTIONAL] Are there other problems we can solve? E.g. normal jobshop, flow shop, the "CPU-problem", ...
  • Does Khuri use mutation in Selfish Gene? See chapter 4 experimental results

Small TODOs

  • Add a field "Percentage of problems for which the lower bound was met" to the evaluation

  • Alternative to "load(...)" so we don't get "redefinition of constant" warnings?

  • Maybe use alias Int/Uint instead of Int64?

  • OSSP efficiency

  • DONE dynamic stopping condition for selfish gene algorithm (now only max iterations)

  • grep -rin TODO .

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