Created: 2012-03-22 07:46
Updated: 2017-10-04 22:16
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couch_core Build Status

couch_core is a static distribution of couchdb using rebar. It aims to be embed in your applications or be part of custom distribution of couchdb.

couch_core is brought you by the Refuge project.

Based on the couchdb code it is tagged from time to time for stability purpose. At some point some supported branch may appear.

couch_core differs from refuge by only focusing on Apache CouchDB. It won't contain any of the refuge features like P2P nodes handling, ... . Internally we are using it to test couchdb and as an example on how to embed couchdb in your own applications. A working release example is provided.


  • Apache CouchDB based
  • rebar
  • relocatable
  • Fully opensource. All the sources are on refuge GIT repository ( under Apache License 2.


  • OS supported: Linux, OSX, BSDs (windows support is coming)
  • Erlang R14
  • Curl
  • ICU (if not built statically)
  • Latest version of rebar installed on your system.

An example of release file is provided in the example folder.

##Notes on building a truly distributable package

The package built above will still depend on some libraries from your system, so additional work has to be done to distribute it to older/newer systems.

  1. CouchDB will depend on the ICU library version that was present in your system at build time. To easily bundle this library with the package, build with:

      $ make rel USE_STATIC_ICU=1
  2. Check whether your package depends on Ncurses:

      $ ldd ./rel/couch/erts-*/bin/erlexec|grep ncurses

    If it does, copy the .so file to ./rel/myapp/lib/ or rebuild Erlang without this dependency.

  3. Decide whether you need SSL support in your package and check whether it depends on OpenSSL:

      $ ldd ./rel/couch/lib/ssl-*/priv/bin/ssl_esock|grep 'libcrypto\|libssl'

    If it does, copy the .so file to ./rel/couch/lib/ or rebuild Erlang without this dependency.

If you copied any .so files in the last 2 steps, run this command, so that your app can find the libraries:

$ sed -i '/^RUNNER_USER=/a\\nexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/lib"' ./rel/couch/bin/couch
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