Created: 2012-03-22 04:31
Updated: 2018-07-13 05:35


To provide a site/app/service that can provide the following:

  1. Documentation on the following:
  2. EC2 responses from OpenStack (and how to request them) along with the expected EC2 responses from EC2
  3. Known issues with the OpenStack EC2 layer (ie the differences from the previous response)
  4. Potentially an implementation that can return mock EC2 results
  5. i.e. by implementing a simple server that holds a in-memory set of images/instances and can accept/return valid responses and statuses as well as have the ability to create faults on demand (ie by a special URI parameter)
  6. A.k.a. a EC2 server (valid for a given EC2 api/wsdl/xsd version/date) without needing EC2...
  7. Potentially a framework which can be used by QA to verify the compatibility level in an automated fashion by running a given set of profiles (ie a profile could be a request for an instance followed by a describe instance followed by a terminate instance) against the expected output for a given profile (where the expected output is created using the mock EC2 server)
  8. Improved OpenStack EC2 support by continuously increasing the previous compatibility level
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