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Updated: 2019-02-21 18:55

OS X Personal Profile Dotfiles

This project contains all of the configuration files I use for all of my Mac OS X computers. When these files are linked to their appropriate places (using the install script), my standard settings will be set up on that computer. These settings include important environment variables, terminal aliases, and scripts.


To install this project, run the following commands:

git clone ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles
git submodule init && git submodule update
./  # optional


mvim is a Bash script I created that launches a "mini Vim" window for quickly taking notes or temporarily pasting and manipulating text from the clipboard.

BetterTouchTool Shortcut

To make it wasy to run this script, use BetterTouchTool to create a global keyboard shortcut (such as Control+Option+Command+V) that launches this script when the shortcut is pressed.


Use the ArrangeDualScreenWindows.scpt AppleScript script to resize the apps I like to put on the MacBook screen desktops when I have an external monitor attached (Spotify, Airmail 2, Calendar, and Todoist).

To use this script, make sure "When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application" is checked in the Mission Control preference pane.

BetterTouchTool Shortcut

To make it easy to activate this script, use BetterTouchTool to create a global keyboard shortcut (such as Control+Shift+2) that runs this script when the shortcut is pressed.

Repository Contents

Repository Item Description Linking by A Bash script that creates links from the user's profile to the corresponding item in this repository (run once after cloning this repo) self (run once to create the links below) A Bash script that detects installed Mac applications and suggests the user to install any suggested apps that are not already installed none (run once to install suggested apps)
Todoist-Tasks-macOS.csv CSV file of tasks to set up a new macOS computer that can be imported into Todoist (Must be new project.) none (import into Todoist to create tasks for setting up macOS)
Todoist-Tasks-Apps.csv CSV file of tasks to configure apps on a new computer that can be imported into Todoist (Must be new project.) none (import into Todoist to create tasks for configuring apps)
_.bash_profile Contains user Bash settings (runs every time the user opens up a Terminal window) ~/.bash_profile --> dotfiles-mac/_.bash_profile
_.tmux.conf Contains Tmux configuration settings (Tmux is launched by .bash_profile every time the iTerm2 Hotkey window is opened) ~/.tmux.conf --> dotfiles-mac/_.tmux.conf
_.tmux-osx.conf Contains Tmux configuration settings that are specific to an OS X environment (mostly just UI configuration) ~/.tmux-osx.conf --> dotfiles-mac/_.tmux-osx.conf
_.git-completion.bash Allows tab-completion of Git commands in Bash ~/.git-completion.bash --> dotfiles-mac/_.git-completion.bash
bin/ Contains Bash user scripts (mostly convenience scripts) ~/bin --> dotfiles-mac/bin/
sbin/ Contains Bash administrative scripts (mostly scripts containing sudo) ~/sbin --> dotfiles-mac/sbin/
_.vimrc Contains Vim startup settings ~/.vimrc --> dotfiles-mac/_.vimrc
_.vim/ Contains Vim plugins (mostly just the Vundle plugin manager for Vim stored as a Git submodule at _.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim) ~/.vim --> dotfiles-mac/_.vim/
_.idlerc/ Contains Python IDLE settings ~/.idlerc --> dotfiles-mac/_.idlerc/
_.ideavimrc Vim emulator configuration settings for IntelliJ IDEA when Vim-like edit mode is enabled ~/.ideavimrc --> dotfiles-mac/_.ideavimrc Git pre-commit script that searches for and shows any TODO items in a repo's files before commits (must be manually installed per repo) none
Fractals-2560x1600/ HD wallpaper images from Beautiful Fractals none
BetterTouchTool/ Backup of the default profile settings from the BetterTouchTool app none
Moom/ Scripts that use the Moom app to rearrange windows to their desired locations on one or more screens none
BitBarScripts/ Scripts used by the BitBar app to display script results in the OS X menubar none
iTerm/ Backup location for iTerm2 preferences folder (Note: Set iTerm2 to load preferences from ~/dotfiles/iTerm) none
Sounds/ Contains user sound files none This README file none
.gitignore Tells Git which files to ignore in this repository if they're changed none
.gitmodules Tells Git that there is a Git submodule in this repo (at _.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim) that needs to be checked out with this repository git submodule init && git submodule update

Future Tasks

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