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#Vibe Player#


Vibe is a next-generation Web Application that will stream music from a Vibe Server and allow it to be played on the browser. Vibe aims to provide an intuitive and fast User Interface by using the latest Web Technologies available.

Although Vibe uses the latest technologies, it will still work in legacy browsers, (see the support listing below.) Vibe uses a few select HTML5 additions, including WebSockets, localStorage and Drag And Drop. It also hopes to provide a scalable interface by using SVG graphics for its image resources, and media queries and elastic layout to ensure it can fit into any window comfortably.

Vibe also has an alternative User Interface for Mobile devices like smartphones, providing a simplistic but easy to navigate interface.


Set up screen, displayed when Vibe is first run.

First Run

Normal Vibe view in Google Chrome on OS X:

Normal View

Vibe settings menu in Google Chrome on OS X: Settings

#How It Works#

Vibe uses the Client-Server model, so it requires you to have a Vibe Server configured on your home computer that will scan and catalogue your music, and then enable the Vibe Player to interface with this server in order to understand which tracks are available to play. When you select a track to play, Vibe will create a stream to that track and play it for you.


Vibe uses a few HTML5 technologies, so legacy browsers like IE7 and below are not supported, it does have some compatibility mechanisms to ensure that the application will still run in IE8, but it is unlikely to be as intuitive and glossy as a more W3C-compliant alternative.

  • IE8+
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Opera 12+



  • Webkit Notifications
  • Scaleable Layout
  • Rearrangeable Playlist


  • Fix Playing Info bug (#11)
  • Fix Opera Drag and Drop (#12)
  • Add context menus to Playlist and Collection
  • Add context menu interface for plugins.
  • Update play/pause favicon status.
  • Fix playlist bugs.
  • Misc optimisations

###v0.1.2 (current):

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Standardised object model for plugins.



  • Search
  • Server Authentication
  • LastFm Scrobbling
  • Theming Support
  • Upload via drag and drop


  • Shared Playlist
  • Play on Server
  • Remote Events (play/pause/stop)
  • Preferences Syncing
  • Plugin Support
  • Mobile interface


All images and stylesheets are copyright Luke Channings 2012 all rights reserved. The source code released under the LGPL license -

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