Created: 2012-03-22 00:52
Updated: 2018-01-20 21:53

Fight Bot

MMA/Boxing fight logger and polling script for Eggdrop bots


  • Eggdrop 1.6.16+
  • TCL 8.5+
  • Tcllib (for uri module)
  • SQLite 3.6.19+


  1. Install Eggdrop 1.6.16+, TCL 8.5+, and Tcllib.
    • Tcllib can usually be installed via most package managers, but if you need to install it manually for the local user, follow the miscellaneous instructions below.
  2. Install SQLite with TCL bindings enabled.
    • Download the SQLite tarball with TCL bindings
    • Extract and build the TCL sqlite module (typically in the "tea" directory)
      • Example: tar -zxvf sqlite*.gz && cd sqlite*/tea && ./configure && make
    • In the eggdrop directory, create a symlink called that points to the libsqlite3 module that was built in the previous step:
      • Example: cp ~/eggdrop && cd ~/eggdrop && ln -s
      • Note: Copying the libsqlite3 module into the eggdrop directory is optional, but that allows you to remove its source directory.
  3. Copy fights.tcl and util.tcl to the eggdrop scripts directory.
  4. Copy fights.sql to the eggdrop directory.
  5. Add this line to your eggdrop's config file: source scripts/fights.tcl


Installing TCLLIB manually under a local user

  1. Download and extract tcllib.

  2. Install with:

    ./installer.tcl -no-apps -no-html -no-nroff -no-examples -pkg-path ~/tcllib

    • This will install tcllib in your home directory under the directory tcllib/.
  3. If you wish to remove everything except the "uri" module, type:

    cd ~/tcllib && find * -maxdepth 0 -type d -not -name uri -exec rm -rf {} \;

  4. Set your TCLLIBPATH to ~/tcllib in your .bashrc or .bash_profile file.

    • Example: export TCLLIBPATH=~/tcllib
  5. Log out and log back in (or source your .bashrc file again)


  • Give a channel the "fights" flag to let it listen for poll commands.

    .chanset #mychan +fights

  • Give a trusted user the "P" flag to make that person a poll administrator.

    .chattr trustydave fP|fP #mychan

Common Usage Examples

  • To add and populate an event:
.addevent UFC 220: Miocic vs. Ngannou; 2018-01-20 10pm
.addfight Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou
.addfight Daniel Cormier vs. Volkan Oezdemir
  • To list upcoming events: .events
  • To select the first event in the list: .event 1
  • To start polling the channel for picks on the 2nd fight: .poll 2
  • To stop polling the channel and lock in the picks: .stop
  • To announce that FighterB defeated FighterA: .sayresult 2 or .sayresult b

Message the bot with .help for a full list of commands.

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