Created: 2012-03-22 00:48
Updated: 2013-11-03 04:59

GroovyBomb - A groovy API for

This project is a simple Groovy API for giantbomb. It is intended to serve as a client to assist me in spidering the entire database to gather a dataset to experiment with graph databases (so searching is not a first-class citizen)


The code as currently written expects a file (with no trailing newline) called "apikey" with your API key and an empty folder called "cache" in its working directory.

The code is in a very preliminary state so there's lots of ugliness (for instance, numerous classes are currently in the same file)



The code includes a naive cache implementation which writes entries to disk and keeps them permanently. If a request can be satisfied by the cache then it will never hit the live API.

The cache uses a MD5 checksum of the API Endpoint, Resource Path and Query String arguments (including API key) as the cache key, assuming no checksum collisions.


There is a naive throttler which limits requests that touch the live API to 1 per second

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