Created: 2012-03-21 22:16
Updated: 2014-03-27 17:35


#NodeJS Presentation

Starting a project

Before you begin an express.js project, you must install it with npm:

npm install -g express

By adding the -g switch npm will install express as global package. That gives us access to the express command from anywhere on our system.

which express
express {project_name}

NPM has installed everything we need to get up and running.

There are a few configuration options for creating a new project. The express help shows us how we can configure our project:

express --help

The two major choices here are the --template swithch, and the --css switch.

If you're a fan of using DSLs to create markup, the default "jade" option is the choice for you. If you like traditional HTML templating, ejs is a better option.

For the css switch, stylus is the default and only supported option out of the box. Stylus is a css framework inspired by SASS, but written w/ NodeJS.

Unfortunately, since this this talk covers restful APIs, I won't go into detail for either of these topics.

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