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                    _ _ _       _
 _ __ ___   ___ ___(_) | | __ _| |_ ___  _ __
| '_ ` _ \ / _ \_  / | | |/ _` | __/ _ \| '__|
| | | | | | (_) / /| | | | (_| | || (_) | |
|_| |_| |_|\___/___|_|_|_|\__,_|\__\___/|_|

Light weight data visualization library.

Global Libraries

The following libraries are available globally in minified versions.

  • d3 (lib/d3.js): A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG
  • jQuery (lib/jquery.js): jQuery JavaScript Library
  • underscore.js (lib/underscore.js): JavaScript's utility _ belt



In order to build you need make 3.8 or later, Node.js 0.2 or later, and git 1.7 or later. (Earlier versions might work OK, but are not tested.)

Windows users have two options:

  1. Install msysgit (Full installer for official Git), GNU make for Windows, and a binary version of Node.js. Make sure all three packages are installed to the same location (by default, this is C:\Program Files\Git).
  2. Install Cygwin (make sure you install the git, make, and which packages), then either follow the Node.js build instructions or install the binary version of Node.js.

Mac OS users should install Xcode (comes on your Mac OS install DVD, or downloadable from Apple's Xcode site) and Once Homebrew is installed, run brew install git to install git, and brew install node to install Node.js.

Linux/BSD users should use their appropriate package managers to install make, git, and node, or build from source if you swing that way.


Clone a copy of the repository by running git clone git:// From inside the repository folder run make. This will download needed submodules, build each dependency and place the built and minified libraries directly in lib/.

To cleanup all submodules and library files run make clean.


To build a distribution run make dist. By default his will create a dist-<short_hash> directory where all the build and minified libraries will be copied. Then a tar.gz will be created of the distribution folder.

make dist will build HEAD by default. To build at another revision run make DIST_REV=(hash/tag/branch) dist.

To change the location of the distribution directory and tar.gz run make PREFIX=/my/dist/dir dist.

Cleanup all distribution files by running make distclean.


If there are problems in the build process run make DEBUG_LOG=<output.log> all.

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