Created: 2012-03-21 21:22
Updated: 2014-10-15 13:51

Django Crop Override Field provides an additional Django database field for helping with defining crops.

Use Case:

You want users to upload an image and on the frontend of your site you display the image as a square and landscape aspect ratio thumbnails. You would like these thumbnails to be generated automatically from the original. However, sometimes your auto-cropper doesn't get it right and you would like to provide a manual override.

What Django Override Crop Field does:

  • Gives you an optional image field to store your crop in. When not used it falls back to providing the original image to be resized.

  • An admin widget to make quick crops right in the admin interface.


Add 'crop_override' to INSTALLED_APPS in

from django.db import models

from crop_override import CropOverride, OriginalImage

class Image (models.Model):
  alt_tag = models.CharField('Alt Tag', max_length=75)
  full_size = OriginalImage('Full Size Original', upload_to='some/dir')
  square_crop = CropOverride('Square Crop, 1x1 Ratio', upload_to='some/dir', original='full_size', aspect='1x1')
  landscape_crop = CropOverride('Landscape Crop, 4x3 Ratio', upload_to='some/dir', original='full_size', aspect='4x3')
  portrait_crop = CropOverride('Portrait Crop, 3x4 Ratio', upload_to='some/dir', original='full_size', aspect='3x4')

from crop_override.admin import CropAdmin

class ImageAdmin (CropAdmin):

from crop_override import get_override
#get_override returns crop field or original

def some_view (request):
  im = Image.objects.get(id=some_id)
  image_for_square_use = get_override(im, 'square_crop'))
  image_for_landscape_use = get_override(im, 'landscape_crop'))
  image_for_portrait_use = get_override(im, 'portrait_crop'))

some_template.html Using Sorl Thumbnail

{% load crop_util thumbnail %}
<!--get_override returns crop field or original-->

{% thumbnail model_instance|get_override:'square_crop' "400x400" crop="center" as square %}
  Square Image: <img alt="{{ model_instance.alt }}" src="{{ square.url }}">
{% endthumbnail %}

{% thumbnail model_instance|get_override:'landscape_crop' "400x300" crop="center" as landscape %}
  Landscape Image: <img alt="{{ model_instance.alt }}" src="{{ landscape.url }}">
{% endthumbnail %}

{% thumbnail model_instance|get_override:'portrait_crop' "300x400" crop="center" as portrait %}
  Portrait Image: <img alt="{{ model_instance.alt }}" src="{{ portrait.url }}">
{% endthumbnail %}
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