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Updated: 2019-01-31 02:07

Create NACHA files in PHP

Supports debit (collecting money from others) and credit (transferring money to others) transactions. If you need more functionality, I'm available for contract work at


include 'Nacha.php';
$nacha = new NachaFile();
$nacha->setBankRT('123456789')// Your bank's routing number
      ->setCompanyId('9876543210')// Usually your company Fed tax id with something the bank tells you to put on the front.
      ->setSettlementAccount('44444444444') // Your bank account you want the money to go into
      ->setFileID('9876543210')// Probably the same as your Company ID but your bank will tell you what this should be.
      ->setOriginatingBank('BANK ON IT')// Text name of your bank
      ->setFileModifier('A')// Usually just A - for the first file of the day.  Change to 'B' for second file of the day and so on.
      ->setCompanyName('MY COMPANY')//16 chars - your company name
      ->setBatchInfo('Monthly Subscriptions') // Text description for the batch
      ->setDescription('Subscription', '05/17/2012') // Description shown on customers statements and date of invoice
      ->setEntryDate(date('m/d/Y')); // The day you want the payments to be processed. This example shows today.

Then push in the customer payments. Each customer record should look like:

$payment = array("AccountNumber"=>'1234567', // The customer's CRM account number (not bank account number)
                 "TotalAmount"=>30.00, // Amount they are paying you if it's a debit - or that you're paying them if it's a credit.
                 "BankAccountNumber"=>'123456789', // Customer's bank account number
                 "RoutingNumber"=>'987654321', // Customer's bank routing number
                 "FormattedName"=>'Joe Smith', // Customer's name
                 "AccountType"=> 'CHECKING'); // Could be 'CHECKING' or 'SAVINGS' - customer's bank account type

// Add a debit - taking money from someone and puting it in your account
   // Error adding this debit.  Must be something wrong.  Check the $nacha->errorRecords.

// You can safely mix debits and credits in the same batch.
// Add a credit - sending your money to someone elses bank account
   // Error adding this credit.  Must be something wrong.  Check the $nacha->errorRecords.

// Generate the NACHA file contents
    // Put the file contents on the file system
    if(!file_put_contents('./ACH_MyCompany_NACHA_file.txt', $nacha->fileContents)){
        throw new Exception('Unable to save NACHA file');
}catch(Exception $e){
    // Something went wrong with the file generation

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