Created: 2012-03-21 21:13
Updated: 2019-02-08 06:45


Functions for use with PsychToolBox experiments in Matlab

To use these functions, download and add the functions folder to your search path with the 'addpath' function

It might be useful to add a line like this to your startup.m file if you don't want to have to add the path every time you run your experiment: addpath('PATH/TO/Stanford-PsychToolBox/functions/');

All the functions can be called with the example wrapper script (wrapper.m). Add and remove functions as needed from this wrapper script. Results will be stored in a folder called 'data'. Console output will be saved in the 'diaries' folder. Make sure you have created these folders.


These functions run in Matlab, with Psychtoolbox. PsychToolBox is available at


Basic: Four/Five point likert IterativeCSVWriter - saves each trial of experiments to a csv file circle likert scale - a likert scale, but with circles vs just plain numbers diarysetup - saves console output GetKey - makes kbcheck easier to use for collecting responses GTgetechostring (same as PTB's getechostring, but fixed some bugs)

Tasks: Temporal discounting Huettel risk/ambiguity task

Questionnaires: BIS11 BISBAS Frost Indecisiveness

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