Created: 2012-03-21 19:49
Updated: 2019-02-25 09:47

This (shell-strip-wrapper.lua) is extension to example wrapper function around SciTE dialog, which could be handy for Linux users

command.10.*=StripDlg func=Shell dlg='Shell:'{}(Go)(+)(–)

command.11.*=StripDlg func=Python dlg='Python:'{}(Go)(+)(–)

It provides two tools to help SciTE user in everyday tasks:

  • Shell action (which is shell-pipe more precisely)

Current SciTE selection, or if there is not selection - whole text in current tab (buffer), is piped to sh through "here-document" and processed output is printed in SciTE output pane. stderr is also redirected there


  • Python action

Similarly, SciTE selection or whole buffer if piped to Python interpreter, which stores it as string variable under name "scite" and allows user, one-liner Python freedom on this object.


Also, something like pyline can be used instead, in Shell Strip dialog, depending on user preference

  • History

All this actions, have "history" feature - (+) and (-) buttons which allow saving current snippet or removing it from history. History is stored in a file in user's home folder

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