Created: 2012-03-21 19:24
Updated: 2015-01-15 07:52



Cwatch is a simple program written in C, which can be used to monitor files, and perform a shell command when the file has been altered.

Disclaimer and info

The program uses inotify, and was written because i wanted to make it possible to easily compile .tex documents when i save them.

I, ofcourse, accept no responsibilities for anything you do with this program.

Oh, and don't monitor a folder and execute a command on that changes the same folder on edit. That's not pleasant.


Simple checkout the source, type 'make', and hope everything works.


cwatch [options] FILES

Options are:

  • -1 Oneshot, only runs once.
  • -e command Command to execute
  • -a Execute when file is accessed
  • -n Execute when file is created
  • -c Execute when file is closed
  • -d Execute when file is deleted
  • -m Execute when file is modified (default)
  • -v Prints when events are received


How i use it:

cwatch -e "make latex" handin.tex
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