Created: 2012-03-21 18:30
Updated: 2014-04-05 19:00

SYNHAK Documents

This repository contains various documents, signs, PR material, important documents, etc for SYNHAK. It is organized roughly according to function:

  • governance/ - Important things that were determined through the governance process. Thinks like space rules, the equipment checkout procedures, membership application. SYNHAK bylaws are stored in another repository to indicate their non-votality and simplicity compared to other documents:

  • bizops/ - Documents essential to SYNHAK, Inc. Our lease is in there, and things we sent for insurance. Our 501c(3) application is not in there, since we didn't have the foresight.

  • impress/ - Logos, PR materials, whatever cool art we've made.

  • signage/ - Various signs that are posted around the space.

  • tools/ - Useful things, like a blueprint of the space

If you're curious to see how they're generated, have a look at our wiki page:

The source repo for this is also insightful:
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