Created: 2012-03-21 16:00
Updated: 2016-10-05 10:39

Domotica Arduino for Android

Domotica Arduino for Android is written for all devices compatible with Android 1.6+ (minimum SDK 4). It allows you to control some physical devices in your home using an Arduino with DomoticaArduino code.

The code in this repository can be imported as Eclipse Project with Android ADT plugin installed.

Setup and configuration

It is possible to set some parameter before install the application in your device.

Default Arduino IP

If your Arduino has a static IP, you can change the default value by edit the file [App ROOT]/res/values/strings.xml as follows:

<string name="defaultArduinoIP"></string>

The IP, should be changed with your real Arduino IP setted in DomoticaArduino code.

Type Mapping

In singleton class, there is the function typeMapping(int type) that you should change in order to map the type used in Android ListView with the one setted in DomoticaArduino code.

For example, if you add another variable in DomoticaArduino to match new kind of type, you should add a case in this function.


The first executed Activity is a Splashscreen with the logo of our Linux User Group in Perugia (Italy). You can change splashscreen image by replacing the file [App ROOT]/res/drawable/splashscreen.jpg with your own.


Run the application and insert your Arduino IP.

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