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Updated: 2017-05-05 06:00


This tool lets you look up recent activity by BostonRB members from the command line.

  Usage:  boston-ruby [command]

      m                Show recent BostonRB mailing list posts
      t                Show recent tweets by BostonRB members
      g                Show recent github activity by BostonRB members
      b                Show recent blog posts
      e                Show next BostonRB event
      w                Show current Boston weather


gem install boston-ruby

Alias or wrap in a bash script

If you want to save a few keystrokes when you invoke the command, put something like

alias brb=boston-ruby

in your ~/.bash_profile and use your alias.

Or you can write a executable wrapper script (I named mine brb) like this to always pipe the output to less +G:

boston-ruby $1 | less +G

Sample output

BostonRB mailing list activity:

$ boston-ruby m

Re: [boston.rb] tethering/hotspot/mifi suggestions

   John Norman : Just out of curiosity: Did putting this:                    
 07:49PM 03/14 : ServerAliveInterval 60 (or a smaller interval.) in your     
               : .ssh/config help at all? (E.g.:                             
               : [])                   

   Daniel Choi : No I haven't. I didn't even know about that option. Thanks, 
 07:50PM 03/14 : I'll try it!                                                

   Dan Pickett : If you have an android device, I highly recommend PDANet -  
 07:52PM 03/14 : it has made this surburbanite's ride on the commuter rail   
               : very efficient!                                             

BostonRB member tweets:

$ boston-ruby t

     jayroh : Another beautiful site from the friendly people at          : 04:09PM 03/20
            : @the47th -                             :
    kbedell : The latest Browser market shares:      : 04:57PM 03/20
    kbedell : Found an annoying javascript bug that only occurs in        : 04:58PM 03/20
            : Firefox 3.6. Crap. Who's still supporting that version?     :
im_a_muppet : You know you have been pairing a little too much when tmux  : 05:05PM 03/20
            : makes it into a pun! #ALittleTooMux                         :
  wpeterson : From my amazing coworkers: The Devops Dark Knight -         : 05:08PM 03/20
            : #in                                    :
     dwhsix : @WorkBarBoston so you're "torqued", but are you still       : 05:09PM 03/20
            : hosting @sqoot 's event?                                    :
bcardarella : @jayroh btw we haven't gotten a drink in a while. We        : 06:00PM 03/20
            : should fix that                                             :
     jayroh : @bcardarella no shit dude. Been a while!                    : 06:05PM 03/20
  wpeterson : @teflonted can't do it in Gemfile.  Bundle config.          : 06:55PM 03/20
     dwhsix : Ha, never looked at headers in a Facebook email:            : 07:13PM 03/20
            : X-Facebook: from zuckmail ([MTI3LjAuMC4x]) by               :
            : with HTTP (ZuckMail);                  :
doctorzaius : Lots of new movies that I want to see, but someone might    : 07:23PM 03/20
            : call me a "sheeple" so I better not.                        :

BostonRB member github activity:

$ boston-ruby g

      cldwalker : cldwalker pushed to master at cldwalker/bacon               : 05:49PM 03/20
  berkmancenter : berkmancenter created repository brkmn                      : 05:53PM 03/20
        sbisker : sbisker started watching Kicksend/mailcheck                 : 05:55PM 03/20
    techiferous : techiferous pushed to master at techiferous/tabulous        : 05:58PM 03/20
    techiferous : techiferous created tag v1.3.0  at techiferous/tabulous     : 05:58PM 03/20
    techiferous : techiferous commented on pull request 14 on                 : 06:02PM 03/20
                : techiferous/tabulous                                        :
    techiferous : techiferous commented on issue 13 on techiferous/tabulous   : 06:04PM 03/20
    techiferous : techiferous closed issue 13 on techiferous/tabulous         : 06:04PM 03/20
robbfitzsimmons : robbfitzsimmons pushed to master at                         : 06:08PM 03/20
                : robbfitzsimmons/sample_app                                  :
      cldwalker : cldwalker created branch fix_change_tests  at               : 06:10PM 03/20
                : cldwalker/bacon                                             :
      cldwalker : cldwalker pushed to fix_change_tests at cldwalker/bacon     : 06:19PM 03/20
      cldwalker : cldwalker opened pull request 11 on chneukirchen/bacon      : 06:25PM 03/20
      cldwalker : cldwalker commented on pull request 10 on                   : 06:26PM 03/20
                : chneukirchen/bacon                                          :
         croaky : croaky opened issue 9 on copycopter/style-guide             : 06:37PM 03/20
        jferris : jferris created repository               : 06:38PM 03/20
        jferris : jferris created branch master  at                           : 06:39PM 03/20
                : jferris/                                  :
        jferris : jferris pushed to master at jferris/      : 06:44PM 03/20

Unix pipelining tip

In all cases, the most recent items (thread, post, tweet) are at the bottom of the output. So to see the latest stuff immediately, with the option to scroll up to see into the past, I recommend piping the command to less +G, e.g.

boston-ruby m | less +G

Not seeing yourself in the output?

To get your tweets included in the output, go to this BostonRB wiki page and add your name and Twitter handle:

If your GitHub activity is not showing, try updating your GitHub user location to one of these locations. It's case-insensitive.

- cambridge, ma
- boston
- boston, ma
- somerville, ma
- salem, ma
- providence, ri
- salem, ma
- portsmouth, nh
- portland, me

If your location is not shown but ought to be included in the BostonRB community, please post an issue.

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