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Updated: 2014-09-09 01:26
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SWF::ForcibleConverter - Convert SWF file into version 9 format forcibly if version is under 9


use SWF::ForcibleConverter;

my $fc = SWF::ForcibleConverter->new;
my $size = $fc->convert9($input, $output);


SWF::ForcibleConverter is an utility that converts SWF file into version 9 format forcibly.

This program processes SWF that has version number of format less than 9. And version 9 or upper versions will be treated as it is, without converting, except compressibility change.

A reason of the changing is convenient for my algorithm, it inflates a file once. But this point does not become a problem.


The constructor new() receives hash reference as an option.

my $fc = SWF::ForcibleConverter->new({
            buffer_size => 4096,

The option has following key that is available.


Buffer size (bytes) when reading input data.

At least 4096 is required, or croak.

Default is 4096.


On the following explanation, $input or $output are file path or opened IO object.

Both are omissible. In that case, it uses STDIN or STDOUT.

As follows, this is convenient because of pipe processing.

$ cat in.swf | perl -MSWF::ForcibleConverter -e \
    'SWF::ForcibleConverter->new->convert9' > out.swf

Note that when using STDIO, uncompress() or convert9*() can be called only once.


This is accessor. When $num is given, it sets the member directly, without validation. Regularly, please use [get|set]_buffer_size methods.


Get buffer size.


Set buffer size.

At least 4096 is required, or croak.


Get version number of SWF file.


Return true if $input is compressed.

uncompress($input, $output)

Convert $input SWF into uncompressed $output SWF.

This method does not change version format, simply outputs with uncompressing.

convert9($input, $output)

my $input   = "/path/to/original.swf";
my $output  = "converted.swf";
my $bytes   = $fc->convert9($input, $output);

Convert $input SWF into $output SWF with changing version 9 format forcibly. And it returns size of $output.

Note that if the $input is compressed format, that is known as CWS, $output will be CWS as well. The another case is uncompressed, as FWS. You can call convert9_compress() or convert9_uncompress() instead.

convert9_compress($input, $output)

convert9_compress() is the same as convert9() except $output is always compressed (that is CWS).

convert9_uncompress($input, $output)

convert9_uncompress() is the same as convert9() except $output is always uncompressed (that is FWS).


SWF::ForcibleConverter is hosted on github https://github.com/hiroaki/SWF-ForcibleConverter


WATANABE Hiroaki hwat@cpan.org

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


SWF::ForcibleConverter was prepared with reference to "ForcibleLoader" that is produced by Spark project with the kind of respect:


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