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JIRA for Alfred

This is an extension for Alfred App, which let's you send basic commands to an Atlassian JIRA instance. The extension contains the JIRA Command Line Interface by Bob Swift to communicate with JIRA. You will need Alfred and the Powerpack to use this.

Now take me to the download already!


To install JIRAlfred, double click on the extension file or drag it into the preferences pane.

You then need to create a bash script containing your JIRA URL and credentials. For doing this, copy the script located at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions/applescripts/JIRA/jira-sample.sh, rename it to jira.sh and move it up one level in the folder structure. Then fill in your JIRA information as in the example below.

# Copy this file to ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions/applescripts/jira.sh
# - Customize for your JIRA installation, for instance you might want to add default parameters like the following:
java -jar `dirname $0`/JIRA/lib/jira-cli-2.5.0.jar --server http://my-server --user myUsername --password myPassword "$@"

Finally you should have a script configured for your JIRA instance located at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions/applescripts/jira.sh CHMODed correctly.

The reason for moving this file out of the extension folder, is that by doing it the Extension Updater from David Ferguson can be supported for this extension without the need of recreating the jira.sh script.

Note: The current updater only updates script-extensions and no applescripts or other type of extensions. There exists a pull request with a working script, so in order to use the updater for this extension please replace the script.php file in the Extension+Updater with that one.

How to use

Once installed, you can run the following commands, for examples look below.

# Comments
jira comment issuekey comment
jira c issuekey comment

# Log work
jira log issuekey comment #timeSpent
jira l issuekey comment #timeSpent

# Help
jira help
jira ?


# Comments
$ jira comment JIRALFRED-4 We got issues..
$ jira c DRAGON-1 Thou shall be prepared, i got a two handed sword now.

# Log work
$ jira log JIRALFRED-2 Look Alfred, i crafted an extension #3h 15m
$ jira l DRAGON-1 Eat this! #30m


Here you go: JIRAlfred

Version History

1.1 - March 21, 2012

  • Validation
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Support for updates

1.0 - March 21, 2012

  • Initial commit
  • Added ability to add comments to an issue in JIRA
  • Added ability to log work on an issue in JIRA
  • Added compatibility for update extension
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