Created: 2012-03-21 10:08
Updated: 2013-10-24 14:34



The report book, especially for computer science apprentices, will contain quite a lot of repetition, considering that most projects won't be finished inside of a day. Additionally, the information for the school days will be the same across all the report books of the class, so sharing these entries would eliminate redundancies.

Technical Details

It will use the [Django] web framework on the serverside and rely heavily on [Backbone.js] for the frontend. Users without Javascript will be ignored(for now). Why web-based? It makes sharing specific data easier, it makes the whole thing OS agnostic and editable from everywhere with a browser and, quite frankly, i like web development a lot more. I plan on making the data exportable and importable later on, so offline implementations aren't entirely out of the picture.

Getting involved

For now, the app is still in the planning stage, so the primary way of contributing is reading the wiki, which will contain the ideas and plans for different aspects of the app, and sharing criticism or ideas. If you think i've made a stupid choice doing X, it's best not to edit the wiki directly, but to file an issue so the idea can be discussed.

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