Created: 2012-03-21 06:36
Updated: 2014-01-10 14:48

Cluster Throughput Measurement Application

Its main goal is to centralize user operations when measuring throughput of a cluster.

Written in Erlang/OTP.


The application consists of:

  • Configuration Server (gen_server behavior)
  • Task Server (gen_server behavior)
  • Reports Server (gen_event behavior)
  • Supervisor (supervisor behavior)


  • User -- someone who operates the measurements of the cluster
  • Application -- the Erlang/OTP application under subject AKA ClusTMea
  • Application Server -- one of: Configuration Server, Task Server, Reports Server
  • Worker process -- an Erlang process that makes some actions to the Cluster Nodes and reports its progress to the Reports Server
  • Cluster Node -- least divisible part of the Cluster under test


Use-case #1

  1. User starts the application
  2. User creates a named configuration on the Configuration Server
  3. User modifies the configuration on the Configuration Server
  4. User starts a measurement task with the configuration on the Task Server
  5. Task Server spawns Worker Processes to perform a task
  6. Worker processes make actions according to the configuration and the task and reports their progress to the Reports Server
  7. Reports Server collects the reports
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