Created: 2012-03-21 02:25
Updated: 2013-10-11 08:51


Octarine Moon TTT Server for Garrys Mod

A TTT Modification

By Team Octarine Moon


Garrys Mod 12

By Team Garry


Trouble in Terrorist Town

By Bad King Urgrain


Evolve Admin Plugin

By Overv




A Trouble in Terrorist Town based server for Garrys Mod 12, using the Evolve Admin Plugin. Currently features custom weapons and some gameplay changes, and many new Evolve commands to interface with TTT.

Custom Weapons

Dart Gun (Traitor)

The Dart Gun is a two-shot, single purchase crossbow that fires poisoned darts. When a player is poisoned they turn green and silently loose health at a steady rate. The target player will be unaware that they are poisoned unless they notice their health dropping, or are told by another player.

The player will die from their affliction unless a Detective purchases a health station, which will sustain the poisoned player until they are cured after about two minutes. Watch out though - health stations can be poisoned too, poisoning any player that uses it.

When the player dies from poison, a trace of the DNA of the poisoner can be found on their body. It decays very rapidly though, so usually the player must die right next to a Detective to have any change of the poisoner being found.

Gauss Rifle (Traitor)

The Gauss Rifle is a powerful scoped sniper rifle. At long ranges the shot is guaranteed to kill, but will only do limited damage at ranges less than about 25 metres. The rifle can only be fired three times, and has a long cooldown period between shots. It also can only be fired while scoped in.

The main drawback of using the Gauss Rifle is the obvious blue beam that reveals to all players exactly where the shot travelled. What's more, the electromagnetic interference generated by the rifle will cause the destinations of all Teleport tools to be set to the point the shot was fired at. A Detective who owns a Teleporter can easily travel to the traitor's hiding spot, and the traitor can't teleport away!

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