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JAC444: Assignment 2

After creating the JAR files, I've imported the JAR files into Eclipse again. I've checked that there's no compilation error. I will lose 50% if that's not the case.


  1. Drag the "Provider" folder into "src"
  2. Expand "src" then expand Provider.GoogleMapsStatic.TestUI
  3. Right click "SampleApp.java"
  4. Click Run > Java Application
  5. Enter Coordinates
  6. Press Get Map
  7. Read the instructions in the JTextArea

Proposal for ASSIGNMENT2 : Feature Set:

  1. Be able to plot a location based on the map GUI & give the coordinates relative to HOW/WHERE you initially rendered the map. Bonus: Save location???

  2. Introduce a list of clicked locations Bunus: RE-render the map to the specific location chosen.

  • maybe include a textfile with all locations saved that the application can use to plot recent locations

If time permits:

  1. Render multiple locations in one instance to flip between (from the locations saved from features 1 & 2)

Separate Log Files :

Karl's Log ~ Ronito's Log




March 18 ____________________

  • Initial Commits
  • Studied Code
  • Tested multiple methods

March 20 ____________________ -Was added as a collaborator with Karl's gitHub -This allows us to work within one repo

March 24 ____________________ -Commenting was added to the file

March 25 ____________________ -More commenting was added to the file

March 30 ____________________ -Combo box was added and coding was done for it

March 31 ____________________ -GUI was updated and started coding within the mouseListener

April 1 ____________________ -Finalized logic for combo box -Added instructions in the JTextArea -Got coordinates of the mouse and integrated it with the coordinates given

April 2 ____________________ -Did coding for 4 quadrants of the map -Worked on zoom anon. inner class

April 3 ____________________ -Finalized the coding for each quadrant -Finalized zoom anon. inner class with resetters

Split up main features ***

RJ will build the main logic on how to plot new points on the map. Splitting the map into 4 quadrants to help plotting new locations relative to the location used.

Karl will take care of saving the plotted locations & to append them to a file. This file will then be used to populate a list of previous saved locations that the user can use to render previous clicks.

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