Created: 2012-03-20 22:23
Updated: 2017-12-19 20:32


This 32bit IE extension reveals hidden SEO link inserted in spam posts in MSDN forums

SEO spammers constantly flood forums such as,, and with fake replies that include back links (see to the web site they are promoting.

The link is normally blued but in forums that allows coloring, the link can be disguised as normal text. thus a reply saying "Could you explain it more clearly?" or "It's hard to decide the problem as you provided little info" is nothing more than a bait and people really are wasting their time writing details for such replies.

this extension helps to remove the decrotation added to links (and paint those link in red instead of the default blue by the way) so moderators can easily spot the seo spam posts.

the real fix would be for forum sites to add "nofollow" to links so a back link does not increase the target's page rank. this does not stop spams from coming immidately but once they found out their effort is futile then the spam would stop. if you own a forum and want to see if you are targetted, search "dofollow forums" in a search engine.

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