Created: 2012-03-20 21:48
Updated: 2013-11-04 04:00


What is Yenta? Yenta is an online matchmaking platform. Revolutionary in its simplicity, addictive in its impact, Yenta allows you to leverage the power of real-world relationships to help you or your single friends find love.

I've always been somewhat fascinated by the dating site model -- on the one had it is one of the best data-collection tools you can make -- many sites and services have a difficult time convnincing their users or visitors to volunteer data and often have to resort to tricky techniques to pull in this information. however in a dating site the relevance of this information is instantly apparent to the user -- having a more complete profile will help them make better matches. In this sense dating sites share an interest with their customers -- they are both incentivized to promote user profiles and make matches.

However there is a point at which the interests of dating sites and their users differ -- whereas it is in the interest of both parties for the user to go on lots of dates and enjoy the service, it is against the interest of the dating site to make their users too happy, for as soon as it has two happy customers it loses them (most dating sites don't work for happy couples).

Because YentaFriend only allows users to set up their friends there is no conflict of interest. In fact, it actively encourages and rewards (in a pseudo-gameified fashion) successful pairings as it can then turn happy couples into yentas. I like it when a product has its interests aligned with those of its users.

I did this as part of the field 3 competition. I'm no longer paying for hosting but you can find out more about yenta at:

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