Created: 2012-03-20 21:44
Updated: 2014-04-04 04:17

AZ Job Scraper

This is a simple tool written in Python showing how a job site that only supports queries using POST can be scraped. Unfortunately, the results are returned in HTML format with sections only identified by CSS classes so we have to do some work to get the data we need. Once we have the data we use a jinja2 template to output in the JSON format required. There are probably libraries that will do this automatically but this is simple for non-developer to tweak.

Requests is used to pull down results from the site, and BeautifulSoup is used to extract useful parts from the document.

It is best to use a virtualenv for managing dependencies. Anyone who already knows about this tool shouldn't have a problem with installing the required libraries.

Dependencies on Linux

Open a terminal or SSH into a remote machine as root, or with an account that can is member of the sudoers group. On many machines you can execute pip immediately. If it is not installed then get it using easy_install:

easy_install pip (if you are root) or sudo easy_install pip (if you need sudo)

Next install the dependencies using pip:

sudo pip install requests
sudo pip install beautifulsoup4
sudo pip install jinja2

Dependencies on Windows

Open an administrator command prompt. Run easy_install to check if it is configured.

Install pip by executing the following command if you don't have pip already:

easy_install pip

Next install the dependencies using pip:

pip install requests
pip install beautifulsoup4
pip install jinja2


To return output to the console run:


To output to a file execute:

python > output.json

Neither of these options is very good for handling non-ASCII pages so a future update will fix that and allow you specify an output file without going through the console.

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