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Updated: 2019-03-07 17:12
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Dropbox Nautilus Extension

This is the Dropbox extension for Nautilus.

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The Dropbox Nautilus package will work on the operating systems it's provided for. However, the Dropbox desktop app only officially supports Ubuntu 14.04 or higher, and Fedora 21 or higher. If your device does not meet these requirements, you are still able to use the Dropbox desktop application. However your results may vary.

For more details, see:

Building Dropbox Nautilus Extension

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you download a pre-compiled Dropbox Nautilus package from the Dropbox website. You should only build Dropbox Nautilus yourself if you need a package for a distribution that we don't support, or you want to develop on the Dropbox Nautilus package.

You will need to install the following dependencies (instructions are Ubuntu-specific):

$ sudo apt-get install -y gnome-common libnautilus-extension-dev python3-gi python3-docutils

Then run the following to build and install nautilus-dropbox:

$ ./
$ make
$ sudo make install

This creates a "binary" named "dropbox" in the repo.

To start out the installer GUI, make sure the Dropbox desktop client isn't currently installed and run:

$ ./dropbox start -i

After installing the package you may run into issues unless you restart Nautilus. You can do that by issuing the following command (note: if you're running compiz, doing so may lock up your computer - log out and log back in instead):

$ killall nautilus

Creating a .deb or .rpm package


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