Created: 2012-03-20 16:28
Updated: 2017-04-20 16:55


Bug references across browsers

Because I was tired of always trying to find which bug from Mozilla, WebKit and Opera are tied together.

This is mainly to associate bugs for Open Web Technologies. It is not meant to cover everything in life. It is a very simple and dumb system. The bugs are contained in a very simple JSON file.

Everyone is welcome to contribute.

JSON file format for the bugs

You can do pull requests for the bugs. The general JSON file is a list of features. So far, it tries to cover only the things that you would find in sites such as

Each feature is described by an object with

  • the name of the feature
  • the link to the spec
  • the list of bugs for each browser

Which gives

{name: "Gamepad API", 
 spec: "", 
 bugs: {opera: ["CORE-45220"], webkit: [69451], mozilla: [690935] }}

The bugs for each browser vendor is an array in the case, where they would be more than one meaningful number for the technology. If there is a meta-bug for the technology, please prefer this one.

For resolving WebKit and Mozilla bugs to their URI, you just need to extract the value(s) from the JSON DB:

var webkitval = features[0].webkit[0]

var mozval = features[0].mozilla[0]


  • Microsoft: We do not have access to the microsoft bug numbers. They are welcome, as anyone, to do pull requests to update the list.
  • Opera: Opera doesn't have an open bug tracker. They are considering it. There is no release date yet.
  • A UI is available at


Thanks @miketaylr, @tagawa for helping to organize the information.

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