Created: 2012-03-20 16:02
Updated: 2018-02-11 12:53
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Stack Overflow - Command Line Tool

Allows to query Stack Overflow's questions & answers from the command line. It can either be used in "online" mode, where the StackOverflow API is queried, or offline, by downloading the latest dump released by StackOverflow.


$ sudo gem install stackoverflow

If you plan on using the offline mode, download the data (be patient, several GB to get!):

$ so --update


$ so git revert
   [1]     (+45)    GIT revert to previous commit... how?                                              
   [2]     (+30)    Git, Revert to a commit by SHA hash?                                               
   [3]     (+28)    How to revert a "git rm -r ."?                                           
   [4]     (+26)    Revert multiple git commits                                                        
   [5]     (+22)    Eclipse git checkout (aka, revert)                                                 
   [6]     (+9)     git revert changes to a file in a commit                                           
   [7]     (+8)     Revert a range of commits in git                                                   
   [8]     (+8)     Git revert last commit in heroku                                                   
   [9]     (+8)     Git revert local commit                                                            
   [10]    (+6)     Revert a Git Submodule pointer                                                     
   [11]    (+5)     Git revert merge to specific parent                                                
   [12]    (+5)     Git force revert to HEAD~7                                                         
   [13]    (+5)     Git merge, then revert, then revert the revert                                     
   [14]    (+4)     hg equivalant of git revert                                                        
   [15]    (+3)     git revert in Egit                                                                 
   [16]    (+3)     Revert back to a specific commit in git, build, then revert to the latest changes  
   [17]    (+3)     git revert back to certain commit                                                  
   [18]    (+2)     git how to revert to specific revision                                             
   [19]    (+2)     Git: Revert to previous commit status                                              
   [20]    (+2)     Git Revert, Checkout and Reset for Dummies                                         
   [21]    (+1)     Git cancel a revert                                                                
   [22]    (+1)     git revert and git checkout                                                        
   [23]    (0)      undo revert in git or tortoisegit                                                  
   [24]    (0)      How to apply a git revert?                                                         
   [25]    (0)      Git Revert Error Message?                                                          

$ so git revert 2

    [...Shows the question & answers for #2: "Git, Revert to a commit by SHA hash?"...]

Offline mode:

$ so --update
$ so --offline git revert
$ so --offline git revert 2


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