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Updated: 2019-03-07 11:45
License: bsd-3-clause

RIME: Rime Input Method Engine

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Rime with your keystrokes.

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The 3-Clause BSD License


  • A modular, extensible input method engine in cross-platform C++ code, built on top of open-source technologies
  • Covering features found in a large variety of Chinese input methods, either shape-based or phonetic-based
  • Built with native support for Traditional Chinese, conversion to Simplified Chinese and other regional standards via OpenCC
  • Rime input schema, a DSL in YAML syntax for fast trying out innovative ideas of input method design
  • Spelling Algebra, a mechanism to create variant spelling, especially useful for Chinese dialects
  • Support for chord-typing with a generic Qwerty keyboard


Follow the instructions to build librime on platforms other than Linux:

Build dependencies

  • compiler with C++11 support
  • cmake>=2.8
  • libboost>=1.48
  • libglog (optional)
  • libleveldb
  • libmarisa
  • libopencc>=1.0.2
  • libyaml-cpp>=0.5
  • libgtest (optional)

Runtime dependencies

  • libboost
  • libglog (optional)
  • libleveldb
  • libmarisa
  • libopencc
  • libyaml-cpp

Build and install librime on Linux

sudo make install




  • fcitx-rime: Fcitx frontend for Linux
  • iRime: frontend for iOS
  • PIME: frontend for Windows
  • Trime: frontend for Android
  • XIME: frontend for macOS


Related works

  • plum: Rime configuration manager and input schema repository
  • Combo Pinyin: an innovative chord-typing practice to input Pinyin
  • essay: the vocabulary and language model for Rime
  • SCU: Squirrel Configuration Utilities


We are grateful to the makers of the following open source libraries:


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