Created: 2012-03-20 14:48
Updated: 2018-08-16 20:25


Zopatista's personal site

My personal site, stripped down to something I'll actually maintain.

The projects folder only exists to support legacy URLs; the contents redirect to pypi mostly, except for the python distribution files, for which proper redirects would otherwise be too cumbersome to support.


Make sure bundle is installed:

$ sudo gem install bundle

then install all dependencies

$ bundle install --path .vendor/bundle

For more info, see the GitHub pages documentation.

Running locally

Keep the local toolchain up-to-date with:

$ bundle update

Run a local server to preview posts with:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Theme setup

I am using Alembic as the theme.

  • The style is customised according to the instructions; copying in _sass/_settings.scss and _sass/alembic.scss and then tweaking the settings in those.
  • I extended _includes/site-icons.svg to add some more simple-icon SVGs.
  • site-favicons.html was customised to use an SVG favicon, and to insert the jekyll-feed {% feed_meta %} directive.
  • The jekyll-redirect-to redirect.html layout was customised to add Google analytics.
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