Created: 2012-03-20 14:41
Updated: 2013-10-21 10:30
License: apache-2.0



Hakken is a dynamic Android application that allows for "wizard" style applications to be defined using JSON and synced with the device in the form of a ToDo list. There is also a server side component that handles the synchronisation and data storage.

It's essentially a dynamic mobile workflow application, useful for managing jobs produced by other systems.


The project uses Maven to build things, and takes the form of a multi module maven project.

Development was done using Eclipse, and guidelines found here: http://www.workreloaded.com/2011/09/android-build-automation/ were followed to get Eclipse, ADT and maven playing nicely together.

An unsigned version of the apk will be built and packaged in the server war file automatically.


In order to package the apk for release, you need to configure a few things

First, create your key following the instructions at http://developer.android.com/guide/publishing/app-signing.html#cert

Then create a profile like this


in your settings.xml file in ~/.m2

Once this is done, you can create a production version of the apk with the following command:

mvn clean install -P release

which will in turn sign and zipalign the apk.


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