Created: 2012-03-20 14:28
Updated: 2016-03-23 21:43

Bootstrap CFWheels Plugin

Experimental plugin that adds an API for working with Twitter Bootstrap.


All methods have their "usual" arguments from the Wheels API, but additional arguments are listed below along with the method names.

Object Form Helpers

  • hStartFormTag()
  • bFileField([ string helpBlock ])
  • bSelect([ string helpBlock ])
  • bTextField([ string helpBlock, string prependedText, string appendedText ])
  • bTextArea([ string helpBlock ])
  • bPasswordField([ string helpBlock, string prependedText, string appendedText ])
  • bUneditableTextField(string label, string value [, string class ])
  • bCheckBox()

These form helpers also place error messages in-line using errorMessageOn and Bootstrap.

Tag Form Helpers

  • bSelectTag()
  • bTextFieldTag()

Other Form Helpers

  • bSubmitTag([ string class, boolean isPrimary ])

View Helpers

  • bFlashMessages()
  • bPaginationLinks()


You must install the Nested errorMessageOn plugin for this plugin to work.


Created by Chris Peters with support from Liquifusion Studios.

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