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CMake Modules

This repository contains common CMake modules and a collection of find scripts to locate non-CMake dependencies. The recommended way to use it is:

As a git submodule

In your project source dir, do:

git submodule add CMake/common

And include it in the top-level CMakeLists.txt as follows:



The following CMake modules can be included in your project:

  • Common does a common CMake setup, and also includes:
    • CommonLibrary common_library function to build a (shared) library using a standard recipe and generates header files for the library (api.h, version.h).
    • CommonApplication common_application function to build an application using a standard recipe.
    • CommonFindPackage common_find_package for more convenience over find_package and common_find_package_post (must be last after all common_find_package calls) to generate defines.h and options.cmake for feature checking.
    • CommonCompiler: Default compiler flags (including C++14) and useful default warnings can be set on given target to common_compile_options(); automatically applied for targets created with common_application() and common_library()
    • CommonHelp common_help function to create a documentation page from an application's --help output.
    • GitInfo sets variables with information about the git source tree.
    • GitTargets branch, cut, tag, erase, retag, tarball targets.
  • CommonCTest should be included from a tests subfolder. Does a common CTest setup, automatically adding all .cpp files in the current folder as unit tests to a tests target. It also includes:
    • CommonCoverage coverage target to generate a code coverage report as html, if COMMON_ENABLE_COVERAGE option is set. Additional compiler flags are set in that case, so it should be enabled only for debug builds.
    • CommonCheckTargets adds test targets for various static code checkers if the COMMON_ENABLE_STATIC_TESTS option is set.
    • CommonCPPCheck: cppcheck target for static code analysis. Also adds all cppcheck targets to tests target.
    • CommonClangCheck: clangcheck target for clang-check code analysis. Adds all clangcheck targets to tests if COMMON_ENABLE_CLANGCHECK_TESTS is set.
  • CommonPackageConfig generates cmake package information files for the project. These files let other CMake-based projects locate it through find_package (in config mode, without the need for a finder script). Must be included at the end of the CMakeLists.txt, after all targets have been added via common_library() and common_application().
  • CommonCPack Configures the CPack package generator to redistribute the project as an installable package. Also includes CommonPackageConfig.
  • DoxygenRule: doxygen target to build documentation into PROJECT_BINARY_DIR/doc. Optional doxycopy target to copy the results to ../GITHUB_ORGANIZATION/Project-M.m/. Must be included after all other targets.
  • SubProject: This module is automatically included in Common.cmake to build several CMake subprojects (which may depend on each other), which are declared in a .gitsubprojects file. To be compatible with the SubProject feature, (sub)projects might need to adapt their CMake scripts. Generally, CMAKE_BINARY_DIR should be changed to PROJECT_BINARY_DIR and CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR should be changed to PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR. See SubProject documentation for more details. A simple example project can be found at, and a more complex one at

Additional features:

  • InstallDependencies lets users install known system packages during the initial configuration by doing "cmake -DINSTALL_PACKAGES=1". This is only implemented for Linux distributions using apt-get and yum package managers and MacPorts in OS X. The actual support depends on the project declaring its dependencies for each particular case.
  • CommonGraph adds graphs target to generate .png tree view of dependencies, gathered by CommonFindPackage and SubProject.

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