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An eGovernance CMS for rural India

##About Lokshahi is a CMS written from ground up to address certain issues in eGovernance in rural India. Particularly the fact transparency at different hierarchal levels needs to be maintained. Lokshahi allows users from the cities / towns to access it from a web interface, mobile users to access it using phones and rural users to access it through kiosks.

Each requires a different level of functionality and access, example - in case of a kiosk user who is illiterate and takes help of a kiosk operator - the degree of freedom in the hands of the operator for someone else's account can be quite dangerous.

Other features such as having a fund manager, which allows people to keep a tab on the money spent by their representatives.

Lokshahi won the top 20 award at IBM's The Great Mind Challenge in 2008.

In 2009, Lokshahi was deployed in Solapur with a user base of 200 thousand citizens coming from various backgrounds.


  • Grievance zone
  • Chat with representative
  • Fund manager
  • Citizen forum
  • Local knowledge base
  • Admin panel
  • Reports


Since the project was started as a part of IBM's TGMC competition, IBM technologies were chosen. As the project grew larger, this proved to be a fatal decision. If time permits, we would want to rewrite it using open-source technologies.

IBM WAS Server with IBM DB/2 Database required. Deploy the project as a WAR file. Create database from the schema provided.


This is an open source GPL project by the DRAM team.

  • Ravi Mangal

  • Mini Nair

  • Dhairya Dand

  • Anuja Pol

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