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Stream-lined Testing

Refer to Ruby on Rails Tutorial section for more detailed explanation and appropriate resource.

RVM Bundler integration: The following code creates binary wrappers that invokes the binary command within the appropriate gemset environment. Therefore, no more need to prepend bundle exec when running tasks such as rake or rspec:

rvm get head && rvm reload
chmod +x $rvm_path/hooks/after_cd_bundler
cd <project root>
bundle install --without production --binstubs=./bundler_stubs

Note: make sure to ignore the entire bundler_stubs/ directory in your VCS since the binary wrappers are specific to your local setup.

Automated tests with Guard: Within the Gemfile, edit the :test group gems to include those specific to your platform (and comment out the gems for other platforms), and comment out the gem for Spork.

Then, at your project's root directory, run cp Guardfile.only Guardfile (or your platform's equivalent to cp) to create the correct Guardfile.

Start Guard with bundle exec guard.

Speeding up tests with Spork: bookstrap the Spork configuration with bundle exec spork --bootstrap

Then edit .rspec to use Spork automatically


Run spork with bundle exec spork

To use Spork with Guard, keep the original Guardfile (restore the overwritten Guardfile from the previous section), then start Guard with bundle exec guard.

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