Created: 2012-03-20 01:34
Updated: 2014-04-21 17:08
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GouvCamp Mobile

GouvCamp mobile is an OpenSource Appcelerator Titanium Mobile application built by the guys at JoliCode in the occasion of the first French GouvCamp which will be held on tuesday, April 10th 2012.

Install and run

The project has been tested along with Titanium 1.8.2. Just grab the source:

$ https://github.com/jolicode/GouvCamp-mobile.git

and import it in Titanium Studio. The application runs smoothly on both iOs and Android.

Architecture concepts

The application tries to do the best use of the CommonJS module pattern, and is divided in three layers - controllers, views and models. It has a dependancy to the ORM joli.js.

The application fetches several json webservice endpoints, particularly the one of EventBrite, through a proxy called joli.api.js, which uses a local database as a caching engine.

We believe some developers could find interesting ideas in the code, so don't hesitate to go on and look at the source!


Would you like to test it, the application is available in both stores:

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