Created: 2012-03-20 01:26
Updated: 2013-10-04 22:26
License: apache-2.0



UtilityKit is a library containing code that is useful across projects. It is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Functional Collections

Categories found under f(x) contain functional extensions to common data structures.

  • Map
  • Reduce
  • Filter
  • Create from a generator function

Additionally, UKFunctions.h contains methods that allow for map and filter composition.


Categories found under net contain categories for encoding & decoding text.

  • Base64
  • Url
  • ISO8601


Boilerplate implementations for objects composed using properties.

  • isEqual
  • hash
  • description
  • copyWithZone


  • Easy hash from NSData

Getting Started

  • The best instructions are available here
  • To use the Categories contained in libUtilityKit you must add -all_load under "Other Linker Flags". For more information see Technical Q&A QA1490.
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