Created: 2008-07-27 18:29
Updated: 2016-05-08 11:13
License: other


This is How I Roll

...for the curious. It's a jump off point for my new projects, a collection of my personal preferences for The Rails Way of social networking. It will not suit other people as a starting point quite as well as it suits me.

I'm making it public to share something with the community. Besides, I'm all out of private GitHub repositories.

Enjoy. Feel free to rip giant holes in it by commenting and forking.

My TODO list for this project is in Lighterest:



  • clone this Git repository in your workspace
  • remove the .git directory
  • rename the project directory
  • change "jump off" references in the code to the new name (grep for jump)
  • add the project to a fresh Git repository with: git init
  • push to your favourite remote repository
  • customize it


  • user authentication
  • public user profiles
  • private messages between users

Minor Features

  • home page
  • preferences
  • change password


This project will continue to change as a baseline for new Rails projects. Once you start a project with this baseline and customize it, it will not be easy to move updates from this project to your project. Think of this project like generated code without the generator.

If you really want to, the best way to do updates is to move the tests over first and then get them to pass by moving code updates over. Cut and paste is your friend, he's just a little slow.

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