Created: 2008-02-09 18:18
Updated: 2018-12-18 09:13
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Tinder - get the Campfire started

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Tinder is a library for interfacing with Campfire, the chat application from 37Signals, allowing you to programmatically manage and speak/listen in chat rooms. As of December 2009, thanks to initial work from Joshua Peek at 37signals, it now makes use of the official Campfire API (described at:


campfire = 'mysubdomain', :token => '546884b3d8fee4d80665g561caf7h9f3ea7b999e'
# or you can still use username/password and Tinder will look up your token
# campfire = 'mysubdomain', :username => 'user', :password => 'pass'
# or if you have an OAuth token then you can use that to connect
# campfire = 'mysubdomain', :oauth_token => '546884b3d8fee4d80665g561caf7h9f3ea7b999e'

room = campfire.rooms.first
room.rename 'New Room Names'
room.speak 'Hello world!'
room.paste "my pasted\ncode"

room = campfire.find_room_by_guest_hash 'abc123', 'John Doe'
room.speak 'Hello world!'

See the RDoc for more details.


gem install tinder


Tinder is open source and contributions from the community are encouraged! No contribution is too small. Please consider:

  • adding an awesome feature
  • fixing a terrible bug
  • updating documentation
  • fixing a not-so-bad bug
  • fixing typos

For the best chance of having your changes merged, please:

  1. Ask us! We'd love to hear what you're up to.
  2. Fork the project.
  3. Commit your changes and tests (if applicable (they're applicable)).
  4. Submit a pull request with a thorough explanation and at least one animated GIF.
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